The Zodiac Killer: He Was Responsible For Five Known Murders In North California In The 1960s.

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Monikers earned: The Butcher of Rostov, The Forest Strip Killer, The Red Ripper, The Rostov Ripper Carl Eugene Watts: Soviet murderer who killed with the intent of torturing no sexual motives. Marybeth Tinning: Tinning was notorious for having killed nine of her own children by strangulating them and taking them to the hospital almost dead. However, he is one of the most famous serial killers in history. Albert Fish: American kidnapper, child rapist, sadomasochist, cannibal with a long familial history of insanity. click site They are judged according to their competency in catching and riding the waves, in using various types of surfing maneuvers, and in executing difficult maneuvers without any hitch. The Makaha International Surfing Championship was held in Makaha, and attracted scores of surfers. When she brought her adopted son to the hospital in an unconscious state, and he was later declared to be dead, the doctors began to suspect foul play. The Zodiac Killer: He was responsible for five known murders in North California in the 1960s. She was charged for killing seven men, who as she claimed attempted to rape her while she was working as a prostitute.

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An educated and charming young man, he either raped and then killed the women, or killed and then newcastle real estate raped them. She was convicted on the 17th of July, 1987, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He would also use human skin to make clothes and furniture items. She murdered her 3 husbands, a lover and numerous children in order to collect their insurance money. Some popular surfing competitions are - The Bells Beach Surf Classic at Bells Beach, Victoria. Charles Hanson: This serial killer had redefined evil. While there, Duke made a surfboard out of the native Australian Sugar Pine, and surfed on it at Manly's Freshwater Beach. Pipe Masters at the Banzai Pipeline, Oahu. She would ladder a boarding house for elderly people with disabilities, and rob them of their benefit money.